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Avenue real estate is a multi-dimensional company with interests and operations in real estate and developments across all Iraq cities.
Our vision is to become a leading agency and to enrich life through property investments by maximizing the value of our clients' assets and portfolio. 
This is achieved through our in-depth knowledge and by delivering superior standards of services and always maintaining operational excellence. 



Passion and love of working in the field of real estate led Nawaf Al-Khafaji to enter the world of real estate marketing in 2015 through the Iraq Gate complex to assume, after a short period, the position of sales manager in the complex, which strengthened his passion and determination to develop himself in the field of real estate and qualified him for his interest in customer service and sincerity Dealing with it through social media and providing his advice in this field.

The dream of establishing a private company came as a result of bringing about a change in the thinking in real estate marketing, as well as the ability of the sales department to make structural changes in the way of marketing vision adopted in companies.



Managing Director

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Commercial Manager

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Coincidence and advice in the field of real estate led Nawaf Al-Khafaji once again to meet the other partner in the Avenue Real Estate Company, currently, engineer Saif Al-Hakim, who bought an apartment for him and his father at that time.

A solid friendship was established after the real estate sale process, followed by a rapprochement in business and investment ideas around a round table, during which the idea of ​​partnering together in establishing a real estate marketing company was born.

To Fikra channel and its real estate program, Nawaf Al-Khafaji continued his ascent of real estate marketing in a real estate mission despite the pressures and difficulties, and the insistence was to overcome difficulties and delve into the midst of the main dream, which is freedom from the restrictions of working in the names of other companies, and the resignation from the Iraq Gate project and the start of Working in real estate marketing under the name of Avenue Real Estate, which began to show features of its superiority after signing a number of contracts as an exclusive marketer for a number of huge residential projects in Iraq.

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AVENUE REAL ESTATE, or what is linguistically known in Arabic as Al Jada, that is, the straight path, the dear friend Marwan Al-Dulaimi was credited with choosing this distinguished name for the company after long discussion sessions.

The winding road and the difficulty of walking on it always lead you to work and search for the straight path in order to gain time and interest.

Do not forget to leave a trace wherever you are and know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.


  • Are strong and passionate

  • understand your needs and current market

  • work long hours across 6 days a week

  • Are able to provide you professional property advice on the most appropriate strategies and method of sale

  • can access to the local market appraisal data for the most updated sales information

  • include a professional in-house marketing team that understands the key to successful and cost-effective marketing techniques


Our team is built up with a group of passionate and professional experts, who always place their client's needs as a priority. Avenue real estate offers genuine services and solid industry knowledge to our Iraq residents. As part of the well-established team, we have been providing outstanding services and industry market knowledge for all Iraq properties. Avenue real estate is here to ensure maximum capital growth for your property whilst effectively manage your investment. 
Our goal is to ensure all assets are well maintained because we care about your peace of mind. Our management team has well over a decade of experience within the industry, and they understand the clients' need in securing their investment properties, right from sourcing the right properties, legal aspects to financing the properties themselves. 
Exclusively, we place ourselves at a high level of customer service because we strongly believe that our clients are the reason we are in business. Client satisfaction is the focus of our business operations.

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